It's happening - Vail wants more Blues! 

Hey Burnsville fans-
We now have regular gigs at Vail Brewing in Eagle Vail, Main Street Grill in Edwards, and Bonfire Brewing in Eagle.   As always, the calendar is updated regularly or keep up with us on facebook.    We also have our first Colorado festival coming up this fall.   More details to come soon.    

I also sat in with the band at one of the hottest clubs in Vail last Saturday night- the Shakedown Bar.   That place was happening 

Keep you posted,


Colorado Update 

Hey everybody,

Here's a quick note to let ya'll know whats going on with the band after a two year hiatus and a move to Colorado. Joey Hager, our drummer moved up here as well to work, ski and get the band happening again.   We enjoyed the skiing last winter and we were in the " Shed" so too speak -  writing and getting some new tunes dialed in.   We secured a couple of local players quickly who were hungry for blues rock and suddenly Burnsville is back.  

Our new bassist is also a recording engineer and will be doing some recording hopefully soon.  We were also lucky to hook up with of the best blues keyboardist here in the valley, Steve Van Beek.   We say lucky, because most people up here in the High Rockies play Bluegrass.   You will not hear any bluegrass from Burnsville!

We did our first gig at Vail Brewing Co. as a trio and we  killed it and got great reviews and more booking to follow there!  We've found that the Vail Valley has a real need for blues,  so were gonna bring it  Burnsville style.   Stay tuned for more good stuff coming up.



Hello Burnsville Fans,

Just a quick update and announcement.
The Burnsville Band has been on hiatus. We have decided to Re- energize, re-vamp and get re-acquainted after a long haul of some differences. We have come way too far to quit so, We've let it all go and kicking it into 4 gear are now in the process of writing and rehearsing new material for an upcoming CD, for shows coming this Summer. This is going to be primarily all original material like the first CD. 
Three original members of the band remain Joey Hager on Drums, and I'm happy to announce Joe Bernal on vocals and guitar is coming back and myself. Our previous bassist Charmaine Tam is currently unavailable, so we are looking to fill the bass seat. We will feature Paul Cougil on Keys when available and special guest players to be announced.
I am once again excited and looking forward to playing this summer to showcase the "Once Again New" Burnsville Band.

Stay tuned.


Keepin On 

 The Band continues to to be a mainstay at The House of Blues San Diego, We started playing there in 2008,  by 2009 as the Saturday night house band and continues to play regularly there.  we are having alot of fun rotating the 4th position either paul cougill on  keyboard, or Mike Reilly on guitar, we have had several great players join us for the night including Anson Funderburgh, Karl Kabbage,Jerry DeMink and many more.... We have alot of fun and the crowd loves it!  and so do we! There is another CD in the making and will keep you posted. 


 The Burnsville Band has had a few changes in the past couple years, Scottie Blinn from Black Market III and Mississipi Mudsharks joined the band for 1 year May 2011- May 2012 and made a huge contribution to the refinement and direction of the band, not to mention become a brother. He went on with his own band Black Market III and are killing it everywhere. We wish him all the best in his endeavors and thank him for his professionalism inspiration. Now the core band has developed into a trio Steve Burns, Joey Hager drums and Charmaine Tam. Now we are playing with new energy, and a lot of new music. Steve is now fronting the band on lead guitar and vocals. Steve's network of player/friends who want to play with the band whenever possible is exstensive. They have quite few local key players as guest artists including, Paul Cougill on Keyboards who is a local phenomenon, and Anihl Rameshwar on Keys and trumpet as well as Karl Cabbage, Jerry DeMInk & Dane Terry To name a few. Steve chooses players to share the stage that bring a unique energy that compliments well with The band. Also, You never know who will be stopping by and might be sitting in, it's always a good time!!
It's never the same show for the Burnsville Band as they are constantly raising the bar on musicianship, adding new material and keeping it fun and fresh.

Stay tuned There is a NEW Burnsville Acoustic Trio Coming Soon!
and New Album is in the works as well.


Hello All
I haven't written in a while, but the band  as has gone through some changes which has been great adding new spark and excitment to the music.
We have slimmed down to a solid 4 piece band, Line up and music has all changed we're not playing the same old songs we've been playing fo years. with Scootie Blinn co- fronting the band the sound is more roots and traditional, while still rockin.
The music has really great energy and added fuel to the fire that Burnsville is known for.

We just  started yesterday recording a new demo  EP so ya'll can sample what we're sounding like these days,
we just did rhythm tracks and will be finishing up very soon within the next week or two.

So stay tuned for more exiting stuff .

Thanks for all of your continued support


Patricks II 2/4/2011 

      The Burnsville Band played to an enthusiastic crowd last night at Patricks II,  San Diego's blues club where we perform twice a month, Its one of the coolest place where you can meet the most diverse people on any given night because its in the gaslamp district and tourists come from all over the world to visit San Diego, and Patrick's is such a well known bar for having great bands 7 nights a week, right in the heart of downtown. so you never know what you'll get.  Last night  was really fun the mojo was workin the band was cookin and we were having a great time, the place was packed most of the night and the dance floor was at capacity, well actually the whole place was a dance floor there were people dancing outside.   The band was ON last night, and when the crowd is really into the music, the energy between us and the people is clickin, it's the feeling that us musician live for. The feeling to turn on people with the music you are creating is really awesome, its kinda unexplainable.  Why else would we shlep our gear around town ?  its not for the money however, the little bit we do get is greatly appreciated and it dose help. Even though, sometimes on a low night we try to play as if the room was filled, it really makes a huge difference when some people come through the door, a shift of energy occurs and its like we are communicating with the people in a different language. It's just awesome and I feel very fortunate to have the ability to play and sing my heart out. 
      During a break, I had a lady come up to me and say how much she enjoyed the music and how great she thought i was, she hadn't seen us in a while but was sure glad she did, and then she gave me a hugg. I was very flattered, I mean you gotta love that,  there's that feeling again and I wasn't even playing. Its connecting with people on a level that most don't get to experience. When I was leaving to get my truck to load out I was walking and a guy yells at me, Hey! aren't you the guitar player in that band at Patricks? I said yes, He asked me, What kind of pedals I do you use? i am a guitar player too, You have killer tone. so I eplained to him what I was using and brings up this point . MY AMP ROCKS ! because of Tim Pinnell at Top Gear Pro Shop In La Mesa, Who has customized my 74 Twin Reverb with a half Power switch, and a got rid of the push pull master volume, and put three push pull boosts on the low, mid and highs, and the channel volume gain is magic. so it has been turned into a really versatile sweet amp at low or high volume. Clean vintage Fender or the Marshall or together as one.  I like the together as one, just like the people and the vibe tionight.

Thanks to Tom Stoddard 

Tonight, Tom paved the way for us to finish recording our first CD.  Tom has become the executive producer of the album, Give Me A Job which we have been working on this past year.   This kind of thing doesn't happen everyday, in fact, I can think of only 2 other times in my life that someone has decided they believe so much in what I do that they want to invest in making it happen.   I feel so flattered, grateful and inspired to get it done.


International Blues Challenge - Oct 3rd, Belly-Up Tavern 

So, we made it to the finals of BLUSD's International Blues Challenge and performed at the Belly-Up Tavern.  Our competition was Charles Burton Band, Jinx Kings, 145th Street, and Smokin Knights.   Again, we got overwhelming response to our originals, especially "Biscuits and Gravy"   and "Give Me a Job."   Even though we didn't take the title, it was a pleasure to participate and we gained new fans in the process.   Thanks to all of you who showed up to cheer us on and follow us over to the House of Blues for our regular Saturday Night gig.   And congrats to our good friend, Karl Cabbage, and his band Smokin Knights who took the prize.  We wish you all the best of luck in Memphis! 

Hot September with Burnsville Blues 

 A lot of great things have been happening with Burnsville Band.

We have been recording our first CD and it is near completion.  The title track, Give Me A Job is getting a lot of attention.    It's another of Joe Bernal's catchy tunes that really taps into what's happening now with our economy, the government buy-outs, Obama and the way people feel about it.   And the fans love it. 

Yesterday, Burnsville Band played to an incredible crowd at the Adam's Ave Street Fair (the largest free music festival in Southern California).  It was so friggin hot out there, but people were dancing to our music, especially Give Me A Job and Maybe Later (another of Joe's originals).   Someone was even taken away on a stretcher 'cause it was so burning hot, but everyone just kept on grooving.   It was one of the best shows we've ever done and makes us want more.   And the fans....cannot say enough thanks to all the family, friends, and fans that showed up and help us Bring It...and also the new fans we gained that bought all of our shirts!   Thanks to you all, you are why we do this.   

So, we made the finals of the local International Blues Challenge and we'll be competing for the crown on Saturday, Oct. 3rd at the Belly Up Tavern.   This is a show that is not to be missed.   We'll be competing against 4 other top-notch blues bands including 145th Street, Charles Burton Band, Jinx Kings, and Smokin Knights.   The winner will get an expense-paid trip to Memphis to compete in the worldwide International Blues Challenge.  

And that reminds me, last night Give Me A Job was played on the radio on Jazz 88 as Michael Kinsman, president of BLUSD, came on T's Every Shade of Blue show to promote the IBC.  He played one song from each of the contenders.  And hearing our original, on the radio for the first time was another one of those surreal moments that was cool to share with my wife, Nelly.