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The Burnsville Band: ‘Give Me A Job’ – Double Barrel Records
by Chefjimi Patricola
Posted on December 3rd, 2010

This is the first release from the San Diego based Burnsville Band and it hits the spot on many levels. Featuring Steve Burns on guitars, dobro and slide, plus vocals and a solid band of brothers in arms including Joe Bernal guitar and vocals; Michael McGinty on keyboards: Dave Seely on bass and great cover photo; and Joseph Hager on drums. These boys seem equally at ease giving us some stripped down country blues sounds as well as hard edged slow blues. What impresses me is the overall theme of the release. "Give Me A Job" is a look into what the corporate greed and lack of oversight has brought to the nation (if not the world).

The aforementioned cover photo (and CD cover) of a musician with the band's equipment stashed in a grocery cart being wheeled down the street, so poignantly captures the essence of life as we know it currently. Playing to this theme we hear Joe offering a scathing whack job on ‘Ristocrat Blues’, written by Steve Burns and Richard Rachel, all over the sweet sounding B-3 keyboard work of McGinty. The final cut on this release “Road Warrior Blues’ depicts the life of the working class/salesperson/executive/musician – every person, who has lost their luggage and is therefore at the mercy of airlines and policies who nevertheless, must venture forth with their required agenda of meetings etc. Could very well be the next anthem if the TSA has their way with us. Two covers here of note are an excellent version of the James Cotton ‘Cut You Loose’, and the Roosevelt Sykes ‘‘Drivin’ Wheel’ done long and slow like a good garbage fire, keeping us toasty on a cold night of living in the streets.

Stop by their web site and support these blues ‘Road Warriors’ and let them know that they are not, as WAR said, ‘Slippin’ Into Darkness’.

So that covers about two-thirds of the drive down, lots of interesting music going on out there, look forward to bringing ya more cos’ after all I gotta drive back.

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Big City R&B Mag

Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine, Oct/Nov 2010
CD Review
By Gary von Tersch

The Burnsville Band
Give Me a Job
Double Barrel Records, 2010

Over the course of the past four years, the energetic Burnsville Band has become one of San Diego’s fan-favorite blues—rock combos. This 10-track debut, with its soulful vocals, paint-blistering guitar work, tight-pocket rhythms and smoking keyboard magic, is guaranteed to have you dancing and grooving all night long. Tried and tested in the spacious von Tersch living room! Their eclectic style effectively mixes the greasiest elements of Texas blues (lots of Texas blues!), rock and R&B with generous dollops of that Southern deep-soul sound. Kind of like a modern day Sir Douglas Quintet.

The “they” in Burnsville’s case consists of founder, co-producer and lead guitarist Steve Burns (he plays a mean slide and dobro as well) along with lead vocals and rhythm guitarist Joe Bernal, keyboardist Michael McGinty, bass player Dave Seely and slamming drummer Joseph Hager. Album co-producer Scotte “Mad Dog” Blinn adds some brilliant tremolo guitar licks to the comical, country blues-tinged “Biscuits and Gravy.”

Affairs are in high gear from the outset, with the boogie woogie wild, live-wire instrumental jam “Mississippi Mud,” followed by the spirited, stop-time “Maybe Later” and the longest cut on the album – a deeply moving, organ-rimmed version of “Driving’ Wheel,” that picks right up where Little Junior Parker left off. The risqué, two-fisted shout-out “Ristocrat Blues,” on the other hand, sounds like a natural for Bobby Rush to pick up on. The album’s pleading “Give Me a Job” recalls the late, great J.B. Lenoir, probably the most topical of bluesmen save Big Bill Broonzy. Also noted is the woeful vocal, compelling guitar work and nuanced keyboard solo, moody a la Percy Mayfield at his best, and the closing “Road Warrior Blues,” about life of the road from a musician’s point of view.

Here’s hoping they have it a little easier after folks get an earful of their unique, contemporary blues-rock sound. Worth searching out. – Gary von Tersch

By Nashville Blues Society

Nashville Blues Society
Sept. 9, 2010

Category: Music Review

The Burnsville Band is another fine group of bluesmen from that burgeoning San Diego, CA, scene. They have gained an ever-growing fan base thru the energy of their live shows, with their fans clamoring for a CD. Thanks to the good folks at Double Barrel Records, that wait is over, with the release of "Give Me A Job." It's ten tracks of good-time, roadhouse-rockin' boogie, featuring a couple of sweet nods to the Delta masters, letting everyone know that these guys are true to the roots of the blues, while continuing to give their fans a rockin' good time!   There are eight originals, all penned by guitarist/vocalist Steve Burns, and rhythm man/ lead vocalist Joe Bernal. Rounding out the quintet are Michael McGinty on keys, Dave Seely on bass, and Joey Hager on drums. Things get to scratchin' with the leadoff instrumental, "Mississippi Mud," which is just a little taste of the good times ahead. With that rockin' guitar and meaty piano work, this cut could've been straight off of any of the Allman Brothers' LP's from back in the day. McGinty gets in some great organ work, perfectly complimenting the guitar and vocals on the set's lone two covers, "Drivin' Wheel," and "Cut You Loose." Steve laments the state of the economy in the title cut, while a rich woman on the make is enough to give any man the "Ristocrat Blues!!"   We had two favorites, too, both of which embodied the spirit and deep heritage of the Delta. The set closes with a hilarious tale of some lost luggage, the acoustic, dobro-driven "Road Warrior Blues." And, Scottie Blinn of the Mississippi Mudsharks drops by to add tremelo guitar on another sweet slice of down-home blues, "Bisquits And Gravy!"  The Burnsville Band are tearing it up down SoCal way. With a tour coming up that will find them hittin' every hot spot from San Diego to Lake Tahoe, "Give Me A Job" looks like a sho' nuff hit! Until next time....

Sheryl and Don Crow
Nashville Blues Society
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Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

The Burnsville Band
"Give Me A Job"
Double Barrel Records
By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © July 2010

Right now, people all over the country are screaming out the words "Give Me A Job"......even those who have yet to hear the CD - with that title - from the Burnsville Band. Hopefully, after reading this review, a lot more people will be screaming out those same words.......but for a better reason.
The Burnsville Band is from the San Diego, CA area and consists of: Steve Burns on lead and slide guitars, Dobro, and vocals; Joe Bernal on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Michael McGinty on keyboards; Dave Seely on bass and vocals; Joseph Hager on drums; and special guest Scottie "Mad Dog" Blinn on tremolo guitar.

"Give Me A Job" - a blend of smokin' rock, down home and Delta styles of blues - is the band's debut CD and consists of ten tracks, of which eight are excellent band originals.

"Mississippi Mud" is progressive blues at it's best. This rippin' instrumental took me right to the edge of my low "this is not blues, it's rock" threshold without going over the top. The band's in fierce jam mode and everyone is full throttle. Real good stuff right here.
When it comes to the blues, this type of stuff is my "Drivin' Wheel" - slow, down home blues. The kind, with the rhythm guys locked into a sweet groove and highlighted by profound guitar and keyboard leads along with gritty, soulful vocals. This one fits the description. Steve, Joe and Mike nail it here.

On this track, The Burnsville Band - well at least the three rhythm cats anyway - get themselves "Locked Up" in a bit of a funky groove. Then about two minutes into the song the guitars take over and kick ass.
Once again, the guys cut loose with some smokin' blues on a track justifiably titled "Cut You Loose." With Michael's organ being the fuel, Dave and Joseph set the bass and drums on fire as the rhythm highlights this one.

In these tough times, many songs are being written, and sung, about the gloomy situations facing a lot of us. However, it can't get too more topical than one titled "Give Me A Job." With his intensity on the vocals, you'd actually think Joe's really asking for one, as he shouts the title words. More great guitar and organ work additionally highlight this one.
When I saw this title - "Road Warrior Blues" - I was expecting to hear some serious, possibly over the top wailing. However, being wrong did not upset me. The track turned out to be a very well done acoustic performance both vocally, and on the Dobro.
If you want to catch up with the band, they hang out a lot at a place called _www.burnsvilleband.com_ ( . While your hangin' with them tell them you want a copy of "Give Me A Job", because
you heard the Blewzzman talking about how good it was.
Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @ _www.Mary4Music.com_ (


By Karl Cabbage

Published in the Blue Ink Newsletter
Blues Lovers United of San Diego
June 2010 Volume 12 - Issue 6

CD Review by Karl Cabbage (of the award-winning blues bands Smokin Knights and West of Memphis)
"Give Me A Job"
The Burnsville Band
Realeased on Double Barrel Records, 2010

Burnsville Band's first album is exactly what's needed to get this summer party started. The band has succeeded in capturing a good portion of what you get from Burnsville Band's great live show. My favorite cut, Mississippi Mud, starts it out with Steve Burns' pumping energetic, hooky guitar complete with Michael McGinty's organ pulse that is basically an announcement that summer has arrived!

Maybe Later, Driving Wheel, and Ristocrat Blues are accusatory commentaries on social classes and love-lust. These showcase Joe Bernal, one of the best vocal talents around today. Oh, and you can't miss McGinty's piano solo on Maybe Later which is reminiscent of the caffeinated squirrel from the movie "Over the Hedge'"

Steve's guitar turns traditional on Biscuits and Gravy and Road Warrior Blues. And the latter, also features Bernal's convincing caricature of an immigrant taxi cab driver in front of Steve's sold guitar phrasing. But, the title track Give Me A Job is a sonic window-to-the-soul of this band showcasing clever songwriting, great singing, and a toe-tapping groove.