Big City features Burnsville

Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine
Oct/Nov 2010

San Diego, CA Two
The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Blues….
By “Lucky” Marnie Ring

San Diego has summer concerts in almost every park. I went to hear the Burnsville Band at Kate Sessions Park on a hot sunny Sunday, and ended up on top of a mojntain with a spectacular view of Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

“Led by Steve Burns and his blazing guitar, the Burnsville Band really enjoys the rockin’ angle of the blues, but listen closely to Burns’s guitar licks and the stylish accompaniment of keyboardist Michael McGinty and you’ll hear blues at the core of this sound.” Said President of Blues Lovers United of San Diego Michael Kinsman. “It is that upbeat rockin’ blues that the band itself fancies and is always a crowd pleaser. It’s a band that wants to rip and snort its way to the hearts of the audience, which makes it so effective when the band strips down its sound and lets Burns’s slide or dobro work carry the song along. Those may be the best moments of this group.”
I first saw this band on my way out of House of Blues, after the BB King concert. Everyone filed by Burnsville Band. My friends stopped and we love watching as the rocked the house. Later, when I saw them at festivals, the really drew and held the crowds. Not only are they incredibly talented, they are genuine. Steve is as sweet as he is talented!

“The best way (for me) to describe Steve Burns is he’s blazin’ hot!” said huge supporter Diana Stoddard. “Steve will be strumming his guitar…he looks up and then closes his eyes. All of a sudden…the man and his guitar one? I can sense his inner self coming right out thru his guitar! Singing, playing guitar and doing the song, “Cut You Loose” on the band’s new CD…Yeah!”

“They jell together,” said long-time fan Dr. David Libs adding, “They play with the audience vs. to the audience, and they just seem to have a smile on their face all the time. They have a ball, every concert I’ve been to, and they talk to the audience, making everyone seem special. They are very humble and have incredible talent!”
Joe Bernal is the lead singer, Michael McGinty plays keyboards, Dave Seely is the bass player, Joseph Hager plays drums, and everyone’s sweetheart is Steve Burns on [lead] guitar.

You can’t help but like these guys, and their music you will love!

Big City checks out Burnsville

Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine
June./July 2010
By "Lucky" Marnie Ring

Gator by the Bay (pg. 36)

.....Steve Burns and the Burnsville Blues Band were fantastic! They kept the crowd dancing and energized. I love the new debut CD, Give Me A Job,” check out “Biscuits and Gravy.” You can find it at

Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine
Feb./March 2009
By "Lucky" Marnie Ring

High Water Mark, BB King at House of Blues
.....The House of Blues in San Diego always has a blues band upstairs, a local band, and we have stellar local bands. Burnsville was tearin' up the upstairs. When BB King was over, the entire audience got a special treat, when they filed past this awesome band, Burnsville was on fire?

Burnsville in IBC Finals
5 bands earn slots in regional IBC
Posted: 09/20/2009 (10:26 am) | Filed under: IBC

Five bands have earned slots in the regional International Blues Challenge finals that will be held Oct. 3 at the Belly Up Tavern.
Round One winner 145th Street and Round Two winner The Smokin’ Knights advance to the finals along with the next three highest scorers: The Burnsville Band, The Charles Burton Band and JinxKing.
The winner of the competition will win a trip to Memphis, Tenn., next January to compete in the IBC, the world’s largest competition of blues artists.
“We had 13 bands compete this year, and I’m happy to say that several showed they are well-deserving of representing BLUSD in Memphis,” said BLUSD President Michael Kinsman.
“It was really heart-warming to see how much thought and energy all these bands put into their performances. The quality-level across the board was at an all-time high.”

Tahoe World

Tahoe World
September 26, 2007

The Burnsville Band blends rock, blues and jazz at Bar of America

The combination of a love for rock, blues and jazz has brought this group of seven musicians together forming a tight crew who never fail to put their heart and soul into their music. With a promise to "rock & blues your world," these passionate musicians exhibit their chemistry through jamming guitars, expressive vocals, and shredding keyboard rhythms that will inspire vibrations throughout the entire audience, leaving few in their seats by the end of the show.