The Burnsville Band artists are:

Steven C. Burns (Lead Guitar and Vocals)
Mike Bahr BBQ (Drums)
Brett Scott (Bass)
Steve Van Beek (Keyboards)

The Burnsville Band is a blues rock band that was founded in 2006 and moved to the Vail Valley in 2014. They have regular gigs at local pubs including Vail Brewing, Main Street Grill, Bonfire Brewing Company, Brush Creek Grill and Dusty Boot and have begun to perform at clubs, festivals and events throughout Colorado.  

Prior to moving to Colorado, the Burnsville Band had great success and played extensively in the top venues and festivals in San Diego and the Southwest. They had a residency at The House of Blues, San Diego, as the Saturday night house band for almost 5 years. And their debut CD "Give Me A Job" received accolades and was nominated Best Blues CD by the San Diego Music Awards in 2010.

The Burnsville band was founded by lead guitarist Steve Burns who plays a mean slide guitar and dobro as well.    Steve has shared the stage with Scottie "Mad Dog" Blinn, Anson Fundergerg, and Mike Reilly.   He has jammed with Doug McCloud and Larry McCray on the LRBC and shared the stage with Tommy Castro at a very memorable private party after the 2006 blues cruise.   

"The best way to describe Steve Burns is he's blazin' hot!" said huge supporter Dianna Stoddard of San Diego. "Steve will be strumming his guitar...he looks up and then closes his eyes. All of a sudden...the man and his guitar on one! I can sense his inner-self coming right out thru his guitar! Singing, playing guitar and doing the song "Cut You Loose" on the band's CD...Yeah!"

"They jell together," said long-time fan Dr. David Libs added, "They play with the audience vs. to the audience, and they just seem to have a smile on their face all the time. They have a ball, every concert I've been to, and they talk to the audience, making everyone seem special. They are very humble and have incredible talent."